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Shoot Wrestling

Shoot Wrestling Overview

Shoot Wrestling combines elements of Sambo, Wrestling and Judo into a 'total body' submission style. Shoot Wrestler's learn to move fluently from takedowns to ground submissions and finishing holds.

Coach Beer is on the training floor every day to personally train you at your own speed and level of fitness.

Why is Grappling effective?

Studies have shown that most confrontations start on the feet but end up on the ground. The ability to takedown, control, and subdue an assailant can be extremely useful in a real-life situation.

What you will learn

  • Throws and takedowns
  • Hand techniques to "set up" throws
  • Holddowns and escapes from holddowns
  • Turning your opponent over
  • Controlling from "the guard" (when your legs are scissored around opponent)
  • Arm locks, leg locks, and choke holds

Other Shoot Wrestling Coaches

Shoot Wrestling Coach Eric

Shoot Wrestling Coach - Eric
Eric is a First Degree Black Belt and teaches the Monday Night Shoot Wrestling Classes. He has been training with Ron since 2004.

Shoot Wrestling Coach Richard

Shoot Wrestling Coach - Richard
Richard has been part of Ron's Dojo since 1989, and has a background in Karate, and Shoot Wrestling. He has a black belt in Shoot Wrestling and focusses on teaching Wednesday night students in the Adult Class.