Teen Martial Arts

Teen Martial Arts | Young Adult Martial Arts Program

Teens / young adults learn the Family Self Defense system, self-defense based mixed Martial Arts program.
All of these effective combative systems are strategically placed in the children's program so that they are introduced at appropriate maturity and skill levels.
Students quickly jump from theatrical two-person routines with staffs to dynamic skills simulating realistic situations, one step closer to the way the program is taught to law enforcement organizations in our Advanced Officer Safety Program.
The fundamentals to live boxing are taught quickly so that teens are boxing with strategy and tactics in a matter of weeks, not months or years. User friendly, safe and effective.

Students learn Shoot Wrestling, an effective mix of Judo's armlocks and chokeholds and Olympic (Amateur) Wrestling's effective throws and holddowns. It is presented in a self-defense style that teaches how to use wrestling to control and get out of headlocks, bear hugs, strangle holds, and other Bully situations. An effective and successful portion of the program, you will see the teens wrestling each and every class.

Classical Martial Arts
The teens learn tough solo routines or katas. Each routine is from a different classical martial art. The students can now see the differences among the martial arts and can see why these antiques of the old world are no longer viable for modern self defense.

The teens earn four Stripes per Belt. Each stripe focuses on a different aspect of self defense. For example, 1st stripe in ground fighting; how to create a good hold down and how to escape some one holding you down with a head lock.