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Ron Beer

Since 1978, Ron has owned and operated the Family Self Defense Centre in Markham, Ontario. As a coach, he has achieved a level one coaching certificate from Judo Ontario and level two from the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association.

Along with many degrees in the martial arts field, Ron is a graduate of the masters program of Physical Education from the Physical Cultural Institute of Cheng Du, Peoples Republic of China.

Over his thirty years as a professional coach, Ron has trained athletes to provincial, national and international levels in Shoot Wrestling, Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, Karate, Kick Boxing and Kung Fu.

From hosting his own television show 'Karate Kids' and 'Martial Arts' to demonstrations at the Chinese National Games to the grand opening of Toronto's fabulous Sky Dome, Ron continues to be innovative and inspirational in his chosen field.

Ron Beer's 7 Star

In 1974 Ron Beer Hitch Hiked across Canada, visiting every Martial Art school he could find, proclaiming " I am creating my own martial art ".  Would you like to critique it?

The routine you see is called the 7 Star, created out the back of the Winnipeg Train Station Summer of 1974.

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