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Martial Arts

All of these books are in ePub type format android and ios, apple version.


Shoot Wrestling: Grappling Holds - Volume One

Learn to move smoothly from one hold to another and anticipate your opponents reactions. Both Upper and Lower body holds are contained in this book.



Shoot Wrestling: Grappling Holds - Volume Two

Shoot Wrestling is considered a "folk style " of wrestling in Canada. Two of my favourite techniques are found in this book- the leg ride series and the 7 Star.  The 7 star shows the foundation of this style and was created in 1974 when I crossed Canada introducing my new combat sport.



Shoot Wrestling: Grappling Holds - Volume Three

You will learn an advanced series of holds for both upper and lower body. By capitalizing on an opponents reactions you will increase your ability to submit any opponent.



Shoot Wrestling: Chain Wrestling

Sport specific drills in a continuous looping motion taking the wrestler to a new level of development. At one level a wrestler learns to perform a submission hold, at the next level the wrestler begins to escape the holds.

New Version at iTunes/ronbeer with swipe and touch technology 


Shoot Wrestling: Triangles

When I was young, I had heard of a great Japanese Judoka, who had been undefeated for ten years. This man's name was Kimura. It was said Kimura Sensei had one favorite throw, one favorite arm lock, and one favorite choke. It was the choke that inspired me; Triangle holds are unique as you use your legs instead of your arms to control and subdue your opponent.



Shoot Wrestling: Black Belt Certification Guide

The Black Belt Certification will provide learning in a sequential order of knowledge, allow for a chain of command from beginner to advanced, and provide a goal oriented system.  An oldie but a goodie ,, in the 1990's considered the bible of Shoot Wrestling now being recreated with swipe and touch technology,,, coming soon.  Many still enjoy this older version.


Future multi-touch novel versions are completed and available through Ron Beer ( contact via email pay via pay pal ). OR at iTunes/ronbeer