Canadian Tactical Ground Control Program

Canadian Tactical Ground Control Program | Shoot Wrestling Canada

There are three levels within the Canadian Tactical Ground Control Program They are to be taken in sequence. Participation in any of the courses provides the Defensive Tactics Instructor with the ability to return to their organization and implement the learned skills into their existing program.

There are opportunities to teach our program and utilize the Tactical Control Systems' copyrighted materials. Completing the three levels of the Canadian Tactical Ground Control Program, followed by the Level One Instructors Certification for Trainers course opens the door to those opportunities.

Course Levels and Certification

Level One
This course encompasses a base of five fundamental skills plus additional techniques that will provide you with the ability to defend a hold down, create a good hold down, turn an assailant over, defend a shove, defend a tackle and cuffing techniques.

Level Two
The focus of the Level Two course is surviving the OC spray. The course content introduces new techniques of lower limb body control. Skills are performed with a flashlight and/or radio in the hand. This course also includes practical application of cuffing techniques.

Level Three
In the Level Three course participants are in full dress and gear. New techniques including firearm retention and use of weapons from the ground are introduced.

Instructors Certification for Trainers
Available to those who wish to pass on their knowledge, improve their instructional skills and open an opportunity to increase their income. Call for more details on becoming a Certified Instructor.

Manuals and Videos
Tactical Control Systems produces manuals and videos for the Canadian Tactical Control Programs.
The videos are available for sale at $24.95 each or at a discount with the seminars. Call for details on ordering your copy of these great instructional videos.
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